Experience the Smart Rep System

Smart Rep is a full-service system for gym owners that creates a marketing and sales process designed to build your membership base. Our system has been designed to send the right message at the right time after someone fills out a form on your website. Put the systems in place so you don’t need to follow up with every lead yourself.

Our system will not only help you filter out the bad leads, but it will follow up and help new members sign up without the need for you or your coaching staff to spend time away from the next class.

What does the Smart Rep System look like?

Our system is like a “choose your own adventure” story for your new leads. Depending on how they answer certain questions within your contact forms, they are brought down a different path. This helps them receive the right message at the right time, which will turn them into a new member for your gym.

Why Do You Need the Smart Rep System?

Spend Time Helping Clients Grow

If you’re too busy with the day-to-day stress of trying to sell new members, you’re not spending time helping clients grow.

Grow Your Community Smarter

If growing your community means you need to be the one to do it, you might be in trouble.

Engage with Your Current Members (automatically)

Are you creating an experience for your current members they love even when they’re away from the gym? There’s probably a big opportunity to improve

Get Organized

If you are feeling stressed running your business, you might be lacking organized systems. We can help.

Start Hitting Your Goals

If you’re sick and tired of breaking even or just not seeing the profit you know your gym is capable of making, you need to make a change now!

Get Your Life Back

Are you tired of doing the same tedious tasks? Are you following up with potentially weak leads and wasting important time? Start automating, and get back important hours of your life.

Schedule a Discovery Session


We’re offering a free discovery session to gym owners who are feeling the pressure of running their business and keeping their athletes in top form. If you need help running marketing, sales, and running your business more efficiently, see how Smart Rep can take your gym to the next level.

Ready for a Discovery Session?

See a Short Demo


If you want to learn more about the system, click here. We’ll give you a short demo, and answer a few questions utilizing the same system we can put in place for you.


Get an Idea How It Works

Core Features


Built-For-You Automation

Marketing automation systems built specifically for your business


Website Landing Pages

We update and optimize your current landing pages to drive more leads, or can build new ones for you!


eBook Creation

Sometimes website visitors just come to learn. To help your business attract these types of visitors we create eBooks to help promote a healthier lifestyle for all readers.


Membership Management

Combine a user-friendly membership management platform with Smart Rep, and now you’re able to seamlessly follow up with leads, onboard new members, and follow up with existing members without the need for you to step in front of a computer.


Lead Nurturing Campaigns

We’ve taken an amazing automation software and loaded it with content designed to say the right thing at the right time. We will follow up and convert more website visitors into members without needing you to pick up the phone and call.


Sales Systems

We will work with you to build highly effective and efficient sales systems to ensure the highest new member conversion rates possible. We help with everything from the scheduling process, confirmation emails, follow up sequences, and more. Never let another lead slip through the cracks again.

Get Your Workout Programming Organized

Steal our step-by-step 8-week workout template.